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All details about your stay on one place
How to

How to turn the TV on
There are two remotes provided, one to turn on TV (JVC) and second one to navigate the programs (vip).
Use a TV remote to turn on TV, just press top left key and last program watched should be visible.  Put TV remote aside and use "vip" remote to navigate the programs.
In bedrooms there is only one remote for TV

TROUBLESHOOTING: In a case there are no programs visible you can :
Press a  power button on a channels remote ( vip), green light has to be on at receiver
Press a  power button on a TV remote (JVC), green light has to be on at TV
Make sure your TV is on the correct source: on a TV remote press SOURCE and choose HDMI
How to turn dishwasher on


There is a dishwasher provided in the kitchen, be sure dishes are cleaned of food leftovers and washed with water. Put a provided detergent tablet on dedicated place, turn the dishwasher on and and select the program by key shown on the picture. After that just close the dishwasher door.
In a case there are dirty dishes, turn on a dishwasher at the time of departure latest.

Each room is provided with AC unit and its remote controller.
Turn on air condioner by pressing On/Off button and point remote toward AC device.
Set the temperature by +/- buttons.
When AC is operating, close the windows.
Do not forget to act responsibly, turn off AC when you are going out or windows are open. 
Remote is already set to cool or heat mode according to season you are visiting at.

Induction cooker uses pots and pans marked “induction-compatible.” Other can not be used for cooking.
The cooker has "child lock", you can switch it on/off by pressing the button shown on picture for 5 seconds.

Laundry and dryer machine are in the bathroom.
Open the laundry machine door and put laundry inside, please respect minimum and maximum quantity washed. Put a provided detergent, select the program desired and press play/start.
Open the dryer machine door and put laundry inside, please respect minimum and maximum quantity dried. Select the program desired and press play/start.
When washing or drying is over open the door and take the laundry out.

The apartment is equipped with coffee machine. Switch it on and place a cup under the nozzle, machine will warm up and clean itself. Some hot water will come out of nozzle. When machine is ready put a fresh cup/cups under the nozzle and select one or two cups of coffee.
If red light goes on, the machine need cleaning or refill with water. Water container is on the right side, just fill water inside. Container with coffee leftovers is inside the machine on the left, just empty it.
There are automatic fuses inside the apartment, in a case of shortcut, check if any of fuses changed it's position, they all need to be in line of the same position.
  • This distinctive apartment is situated in a residential building in the city center, neighbors are generally friendly.
  • Fire extinguisher is located on a stairways
  • There are no gas facilities in apartment
  • Safe deposit is provided free of charge, after usage please return a key in it's place
  • Croatia is by far one of the safest counties you can visit and you will feel the same in Zadar too. It is safe to park your car on a public areas and thefts and burglaries are very rare.
  • If you leave the table and chairs on the roof over night please secure it with lock provided.
For general garbage, just fill up plastic bag provided and leave it inside garbage can. If you would like to throw it yourself, you will find a green trash cans in yard.  While there is no strict obligation for separation, we are encouraging you to collect glass and plastic separately.