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Going Out

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Set in the ancient Croatian city of Zadar, just 5 minutes from the Sea organ, The Garden Lounge is a unique addition to its culture. Settled on the coastline, the open terrace bar overlooks relaxing views of Zadar’s city walls and harbour while sunrays dance across the waves of the surrounding Adriatic Sea. A selection of local wines and crafted beers as well as fresh juices and cocktails are served. The menu introduces the Art of Raw, the only vegan and raw food restaurant in the whole region.
One of the coolest hangout spot in Zadar. It´s a perfect place for enjoying drinks and music in the beautiful surrounding of the romantic Queen Jelena Madije Park and Five Wells Square with spectacular views of the city. Number of concerts and events will capture your attention while enjoying the exceptional ambience.
"Famous" is not just a beach bar, not a pub, a restaurant, or just a bistro, is not even a discotheque at all, but has something to do with it. Visitors can enjoy live entertainment and dj evenings with a wide range of drinks, especially the variety of beers. When you get hungry, there is a  list of simple grilled meals and number of pizzas.
Local food
The name says it all! The emphasis here is ‘homemade’ and with quality products from the local Zadar region on hand, the range of food is varied from several types of bruschetta, to fish and meat carpaccio, as well as different types of pizza and pasta ...this restaurant brings you closer to the smells and tastes of the Mediterranean, Dalmatia and Croatia, following its culinary tradition, using its gastro delights, combining characteristic foods and ways of eating meals.
Restaurant Pet Bunara is based on the principles of slow-food and it respects tradition, using primarily seasonal and ecologically grown food. The menu is tailored according to current period of the year, so that our ingredients are always fresh, organic and locally grown. All of pastries, bread, pasta and gnocchi are made “in house”, which gives the opportunity to truly experience native and traditional flavors of dalmatian cuisine.
Elements made of steel, such as shelves and lights, boat lamps, and even the entire bow of the ship, found their place in Harbor. Shared in several sections at the same time there is also a restaurant and a club with a terrace. Harbor's food offering is based on local food from the Zadar region, hazel cheese, ham and bacon, fruits and vegetables come from local suppliers. Highlights of this restaurant are: Octopus with cream of Kalamata olives, Ahi tuna or Chicken sautéed a'la parmigiana.  
Seafood restaurant FOŠA in situaded in a small port called Foša, very close to the rown walls from XVI century. It's a combination of age-long dalmatian trend and modern trends, in architecture and interior decoration as well as in gastronomy. Dishes of fresh seasonal groceries characteristic for Zadar climate are served. These dishes keep old tastes of dalmatian kitchen, but at the same time they care for healthy alimentation and creative modern gastronomy.