Tasteful food


Black Rice

This is a well-known Dalmatian delicacy. It is especially fun to have you a black rice, except it is tasty. Black tongue remains. And as this dish is almost a trademark of Dalmatia, black tongue is a souvenir that you have to bring with you.

Dalmatian Peka

Baking dishes on open fire, except that it results in a specific food flavor, is linked to the ancient concept of fireplace as the center of each home. Baking meals under the bakery is a traditional way of preparing meals in this area, and the food is actually half cooked, half boiled in it's juices. Enjoy scented veal, lamb, bacon or sea specialties like octopus, it is best with the warm domestic bread.


Brudet is one of the most popular seafood dishes in Dalmatia. This is basically a fish stew, but there are countless ways to prepare it because every Dalmatian family changes its basic recipe in its own way. To prepare brudet, you only need a few hours to cook fish with a bowl, tomato sauce and spices, and then use it with palent.